How Marriage Equality will change my life

How Marriage Equality will change my life

As of next month, anyone can marry anyone they love in Australia regardless of their gender.


They can get a marriage certificate, not some token ‘commitment certificate’ but a legit, legal MARRIAGE certificate just like any straight couple.


Or not.

They may not want to get married.

Now, they get to make the choice, rather than have the choice made for them by the legislation.

Having a choice means so much.

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That time they let me on the radio.......

That time they let me on the radio.......

've been pretty lucky to be able to chat on my local radio station a few times, and yesterday I was talking about comparison on social media, self love and finding your purpose.

Juicy topics.

I love talking about things I'm passionate about and hopefully this is just the beginning of my radio career!

Thanks to the awesome team, Daryl and Renee, at The Catch Up on Bay FM for having me and letting me loose on the airwaves!

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Take the Risk

Take the Risk

Recently I went to an event and I heard someone say that if you want to bring about change you have to take risks.

This particular event was on Marriage Equality, but can be applied to different areas where we are trying to bring about change.

The Gender Pay Gap for example.

It got me thinking.

And realising that it's totally true.

Change can come about in society if we take risks.

Go against the norm.

Stand up for something because we believe it's the right thing to do even when there is a magnitude of opposition.

But taking a risk doesn't have to be monumental for society.

It can be something in your own life.

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