You're Crazy If You Think You're Living Your Life The Way You Want.

The Reality Is You're Letting Society Dictate How To Live Your Life.

It's Time For You To Extend Your Middle Finger To Society + Start Living + Loving Whoever You Want.

Because That's What Freedom Tastes Like.




Nic’s style is warm, encouraging and not at all pushy, far-fetched or text book – she gets what real life is about and that for anything to happen in your life you need to be ready to make it happen.
— Lee, owner Loosha Candles


So who am I?

Nicole knox-gray life coach

Howdy I’m Nic.

I’m a straight-shooting life coach, mama and wife who decided a little while ago that I was sick of letting others dictate how I should live my life. 

I help women uncover what they want, and then do everything they can to make it happen.

I don’t believe in settling for anything other than what we deserve.

I believe in being true to you in all cases, even if it means that you might go against the grain.

Judgement has no place in my world. I’m all about kindness, acceptance and really showcasing to the world WHO YOU ARE.


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nicole knox-gray life coach

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